Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, 401k’s or qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings and investments are expected to play a large role in this scenario. Because an individual’s retirement years can span decades, retirement planning generally overshadows other financial goals.  

Retirement planning is the process of planning and managing your short-term and long-term finances to address financial dreams during your retired life. A successful plan, put into place while you are still in your wealth-building years, will address ways to maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions, as well as to incorporate estate planning which discusses how to leave retirement assets to the next generation. 

The planning process will address your financial situation prior to retiring to help keep you on track. It involves analyzing your financial objectives, current financial position, and expected future cash flows to develop a comprehensive retirement roadmap.

At the heart of any retirement plan is the distribution of accumulated assets. The correct distribution method will help to ensure that your retirement savings last beyond your lifetime. From premature distribution options that allow access to retirement assets prior to age 59½, to products intended to provide stable monthly payments for retirement, distribution planning is paramount to a successful retirement plan.

With a plan tailored to your specific and anticipated financial needs, wants, and wishes, we will help position you to maintain the desired lifestyle you want during retirement and make sure that any left-over retirement assets are allotted according to your directives. 

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